SBDB Software Pty Ltd

ACN: 153 788 919
Ph +61 410 868612
Unit 2, 39 The Boulevarde, Oak Flats, NSW 2529

Contact - shaun.thomson * at * sbdbsoftware * dot * com


SBDB Software Pty Ltd is the company that creates and maintains, and SongbookDB Pal (TM). is a web app that allows the public to connect to DJ and karaoke show song books. They do so using the DJ's unique 5-6 character song book code. Once connected, they can...

SongbookDB Pal (TM) is a desktop/laptop app that DJs/KJs use to create and maintain their song books, add gigs, and accept live requests from the public


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This page is completely unentertaining and neglected because every waking minute of my life is spent working on SongbookDB - so go there and check it out!!!